[ROM] VanirAOSP [4.4.4] [OFFICIAL] [24/09] Samsung Galaxy S Advance I9070

09 December 05:04am
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-Android 4.4.4
-Freaking insane speed
-Custom toolchains, -O3, OptiPNG, bionic, krait, and dalvik performance commits, -fstrict-aliasing, custom CFLAGS, and MORE!
-Vanir Performance Settings
-UI mode switcher
-Tablet statusbar split
-Regular and Inverted Themes
-Active Notification Tiles
-Slim Recent
-Quick Boot
-Statusbar Mods
-Lock Screen Mods incl. Widgets, Custom Target, etc.
-Navigation Bar
-Transparency Settings
-Hardware Key Controls
-Power Menu Entries
-Fast Torch
-Double Tap status bar to sleep
-Quick Camera
-Interface Mods
-LED Notification Control
-Compiled with GCC 4.8
-etc (There are so many features in it I can't possibly list them all, so try and experience it for yourself!).


Thanks to @iiD4x, @unjustified dev, CM, AOKP, Team Canjica, Sufyan gigani for app

Gapps - Vanir recommends the latest ...


First time, be gentle:
1. Make sure that you are on the JB Bootloader
2. If coming from any other ROM, do a factory reset and wipe /system
3. Proceed with "been around the block instructions"

Been around the block:
1, wipe dalvik and cache
2. Flash ROM
3. Flash Gapps
4. Reboot

Disclaimer: If you brick your phone, or drop it because it's so buttery, IT'S YOUR FAULT.

ROM Updater ... s.apk

15/08/2014 ... wh79y


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XDAevDB Information
VanirAOSP, ROM for the Samsung Galaxy S Advance I9070

vickyushu, Unjustified Dev
ROM OS Version: 4.4.x KitKat
ROM Kernel: Linux 3.0.x
ROM Firmware Required: 4.1.2

Version Information
Status: Stable

Created 2014-06-07
Last Updated 2014-09-25

Installed via custom recovery

->download the zip file , move to sdcard
->turn into recovery mode using combo keys (Home+Volup+Power)
->do factory reset , wipe cache and dalvik cahce
->select zip to flash
Optional : flash gapps ( ... -menu )
For non custom recovery users
1) extract the boot.img from rom zip and move to sdcard. Go to Play Store install flash tool Rashr. In Rashr, select recovery update to flash, then you will get TWRP_v2.7.1.0 installed. Procced to backup your existing rom .
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