New Google feature will let you trial an Android game from a mobile search

15 March 10:01pm
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Ever download a game and end up disappointed because it’s not very good and annoyed because you’ve then got to go through the trouble of deleting it from your device? With a new Google feature, that problem won’t be a problem any more.

Search Trial Run Ads [/url]is a new feature that’ll let you try out an Android game directly from a mobile Google search. If you search for a game over Wi-Fi, you’ll see a card with a “Try now” button that’ll let you test it out for 10 minutes without actually downloading the full game. Once your trial is over, you can download the full thing from Google Play or return to your search.

This looks like a pretty nifty feature. Normally if you’re searching online for a game, you’re probably looking for reviews or other info to find out if it’s any good. With Search Trial Run Ads, you can find out for yourself without having to hunt down the game in the Play Store and downloading the full title. And if you end up not liking the game, you can simply return to your search instead of having to uninstall it from your phone.

A couple of other notable features coming to Android games include a video recording API for capturing your gameplay, as well as support for live streaming functionality that’ll let you broadcast your gameplay to YouTube. There’s also going to be support for portrait video ads, which is a solution to an issue that Google found in which more than 80 percent of Google Display Network video ad views were on devices being held vertically, despite the videos being in landscape orientation.

Finally, Google has

launched an Indie Corner

section of the Play Store to highlight titles from smaller developers that might not be able to market themselves.
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