Music Folder Player Full V2.1.0 Cracked Apk

12 March 10:16am
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Music Folder Player Full

This is the full version without advertisement and with homescreen widgets. Please try the free version before you buy. Music Folder Player was made for people who don’t like to see music displayed based on artist, album, track or playlists. If you prefer organizing your audio tracks in folder this may be the right player for you.

What’s New

New user interface
New icon
Material Design
Bright theme (default) and dark theme
Choose between modern and compact list view
Now supports multiple lines per list item

Material Design
Three different homescreen widgets (only in full version)
Resume where you left. Stores for each folder where you left
Show folders as a ‘flat’ list if you have a small collection
Alternatively show folder hierarchy like in a file manager for larger collections
Four configurable seek buttons. Very useful for seeking in podcasts or audio books
Equalizer (Android 2.3 and newer)

Download and install the APK given below

Download & Link

Music Folder Player Full V2.1.0.apk (2.6 MB) | Mirror
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