How To Install Bluestacks Without Graphic Card & With 1GB Ram and on Low specs System

03 March 09:17pm
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Here is an interesting topic How To Install Bluestacks Without Graphic Card & With 1GB Ram which allows you to enjoy android apps on Low specs systems. Bluestacks Emulator is one of the most popular android emulator and is used to run android apps on PC Hit here for perfect Bluestacks for Pc/Laptop installation guide. Actually Bluestacks is a software that it needs at least 2 GB RAM and a good graphic card to run Efficiently.All the systems may or mayn’t meet the requirements and there are some systems which has less than 2GB Ram and some systems don’t have graphic cards. Can’t we enjoy the bluestacks with such low specifications. Yes we can enjoy bluestacks absolutely. Yes it is possible to install bluestacks with these configurations also.This Burning problem above mentioned made me to create this post How To Install Bluestacks Without Graphic Card & With 1GB Ram. Errors like “Graphic card should be updated”, “Graphic card not supported” ,“Insufficient memory “, “hardware error” will be appearing while installing the Bluestacks in their low specifications system can also be avoided with this simple trick.All the Troubleshoot problems like graphic card error can be resolved by two packages Bluesatcks Offline Installer and software Orca . Orac is a table editor of Microsoft Database that allows you to edit Windows Installer packages (.msi) files. After a small and simple editing you would be easily able to install Bluestacks without graphic card.

Follow below steps to install bluestacks without graphic card:

Click here to download the Bluestacks Offline installer.

Download Bluestacks Offline Installer

Download and install Orca Software. Download Orca software for Bluestacks from below link

Download Orca.

After finishing the installation of Orca, Go to the Bluestacks offline installer file location .

Right click on the Bluestacks offline installer file and select “Edit with Orca”.

A Window of Orca will be opened. Now,Click on “Launch Condition” on your left side and select “Installed OR Physical Memory >= 1024”

Delete this option and press OK.

Now,Go to “InstallExecuteSequence” and select “CheckMsiSignature” Delete this option and press OK.

Next step is to go to “Property” tab and double click on the “TRUE” value of GLMODE. Replace it with “FALSE” and press Enter.

Now, Click on the Save button icon and close Orca software. That’s it Bluestacks Without Graphic card Problem resolved.
Now, try installing Bluestacks from the saved Offline installer setup file.
It will run in your system successfully without error.

After you are done with editing and installing you can install bluestacks without graphic card and with 1gb ram on your PC. What are you waiting for Open doors for Bluestacks and Find your favorite Android apps & games on BlueStacks, run or play them on your PC and have fun on your bigger screen.
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