How to create wildcard subdomain in cPanel

05 March 04:16pm
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Wildcard subdomains allow you to point all the subdomains (existing and non-existing) to a specific folder in your account. It means that if you enter any subdomain in your browser (for example, – not existing, or – existing), it will show the same content that you uploaded to the folder for the wildcard subdomain.

In order to create a wildcard subdomain, follow the next steps:

1. Log in your cPanel.
2. Navigate to the menu Subdomains under Domains section:

3. Create a subdomain * pointing it to the necessary folder (you will need to specify the path in the field Document Root):

4. Go to the menu Advanced DNS Zone Editor :

5. Make sure that there is an A record for * created and pointed to the server IP address (it could coincide with the IP address of your main domain or is pointed to):

6. Now you will need to wait until the propagation is over (it should take N seconds, where N – is TTL for this A record; you can edit it manually and reduce the number to speed up the process) and then the wildcard subdomain will work correctly.

That's it!
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