[COC] How to reach Titan League

01 April 12:44am
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YOu’ve been hanging around in the Champions League for ages and now you want to see the new Leagues. For most player the Champions League used to be the place to be, but even if you’re in Champions League you might see very fast how hard it can be to finally get to the next League – the Titan League. In this post I want to show you how you can reach the new sphere of Leagues in Clash of Clans.

Why reaching Titan League

Good question – why should you? There are no hard reasons, but it’s a game so if we start this kind of logic we’re not getting anywhere. If you want to get to the Legend League – and sooner or later you want that – you’ll have to cross the Titan League. Also there is an Achievement for reaching each League so far (and the one for Champions League earned you a small Gem fortune), so you can expect that there will be one for reaching Titan League as well sooner or later. The most important reason is the competitive one to finally show off that shiny Barbarian Badge to all your friends and clan mates.

Bottom line right now – 2 weeks after the Summer 2016 Update – it seems quite hard to get there because the competitions is quite high. This is something that will change very fast and I expect to see everyone who is now on 3,500 Trophies being in Titan League by end of the year by latest.

How to reach Titan League

First of all I have to tell you that the Titan League right now is exclusively for Town Hall 10. If you’re below please mind that you have so many other interesting things to do in Clash of Clans before you get sad – once you reached TH10 and are getting near being maxed you will understand what I mean simple smile

First, before I let you go on this mission please check if you’re able to do it:

You have maxed/nearly maxed Troops and Spells for LavaLoonion, Ballonion, Surgical Balloons etc.?
You have maxed/nearly maxed Defenses
You’re in a Clan (for reinforcement troops)
You’re ready? Let’s go!

Attacking properly
The higher you get the harder the bases will be. If you cross 3,500 Trophies you will see almost exclusively solid base layouts and you have to know your attacking strategy very will so you don’t have attacks you don’t win. Remember, losing 1 attack will probably take at least 3 attacks to make up for it.

I personally like GoWiPe right now very much. I never was that deep into air attacks but I think with Surgical Balloons you will also be successful. Every tracking style that brought you to 3,500 cups will do it and first of all it’s important that you are really good in your attacking style – and from my experience you have to like your attacking composition to master it.
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