ApkTOOl for Android v6.1.0 Cracked APK

28 February 09:17pm
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APK Tool

This project makes it possible to run apktool on android,in other words,you can decompile and recompile apk file without a computer,just with your android phone!


Use Qt5.5 to rewrite all functions, support for the anti compile apk/jar, support for the conversion of ODEX Androidl.
Apdate apktool version AAPT, 2.0.3 version 5.0/5.1/6.0/6.1
New task management, any task can be terminated at any time.
Add text editor, (although the interface is ugly) easily edit large text
Add a search function, you can search for a string of folders to find the specified string contains all the files do not use root permissions to prevent small white error.
This update successfully turned to C++ by the Java, the latter is the common language in the next, with the feeling is not the same. Believe that the subsequent updates will be more awesome!
How To Install ?

Uninstall any Previous Version of ApkTOOl for Android (Skip If Not Installed)
Download and Install APK From The Links Given Below.
Done, Enjoy


ApkTOOl for Android v6.1.0 Cracked APK x86
ApkTOOl for Android v6.1.0 Cracked APK arm root
ApkTOOl for Android v6.1.0 Cracked APK arm
ApkTOOl for Android v6.1.0 Cracked APK arm 64

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