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WHMCS 7.2.1 Nulled 7.2.1
This version of WHMCS 7.2.1 NULLED has been nulled by XDevgroup (Downloaded from WHMCS and Nulled). We recommended upgrading to this version for security. We do not include anything to harm your site. All callbacks have been removed. Like then downalod. How to install it ? - Very simple, in License Key field, you only need put( WHMCS-723e949161f9b8a30c84 ). After that you can install normally as other scripts. Items all unlocked to use include: Branding Removal Project Management Addon Licensing Addon Mobile Ed.....
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CodeCanyon - Bootstrap Social Network
Are you looking for a reliable social networking script? Did you find what you were looking for! We present to Your attention a new script, with which You can create on your website a social network. This script is perfect to create a large Dating site, or a small community.
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Creating Twitter Like Follow Style Button With Pure CSS
Creating twitter like follow style with pure css, So you will easily learn how to make twitter follow button with page, hopefully you will understand how to create twitter like follow button style with css, I also create full working follow system like twitter using php jquery Twitter Like Follow Button With Pure CSS,twitter follow botton with css3 First this is our html codes [php] Download Demo First this is our html codes <!DOCTYPE html> <html> <head> <title>Twitter</title> <link rel="stylesheet.....
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How To Make Posting or Status System Like Facebook in php
How To Make Status System Like Facebook Greetings our readers today I decided to make tutorial on status system like Facebook or posting system because when you learning PHP you need projects to make or learn about it, making posting, status system is very easy with PHP, PDO, OOP, and little bit JQUERY, and JAVASCRIPT. Best practices for beginner lets starts [img][/img] First create database and name it posting-system [php]CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS `users` ( `user_id` int(11) NOT NU.....
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facebook marketing and building facebook apps.
This thread is for the people who are into facebook marketing and building facebook apps. I thought of sharing facebook apps into one blog so that all people here can share and talk about them. Here is a list of apps that I have.All mediafire links. I request other members to contribute too,and share their apps on this thread. 1) Viral lottery facebook app Link- VT- (0/41) 2) Death time.....
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Pinterest Clone Script v3.0 – Pintastic
Pinterest clone script by Pintastic. Since we are offering a Pinterest ™ clone script, we’ve also followed up on their latest layout update. In addition to our standard integration with Facebook and Twitter there is now a Share button connecting to almost 300 social sites. The result is Pintastic: a versatile social network script, with the additional benefit of being able to advertise and sell your own products or services. [img][/img] [url=
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Penyamaran Gagal, Militan ISIS Ditahan
MILITAN ISIS dikesan memakai pakaian wanita dalam usaha untuk melarikan diri dari Mosul, bandar yang kini ditawan tentera Iraq selepas pertempuan selama sembilan bulan. Cubaan lelaki itu bagaimanapun gagal kerana dia tidak mencukur misai dan jangutnya, walaupun wajahnya penuh dengan solekan. Menerusi gambar yang diedarkan tentera Iraq selepas militan itu ditahan, wajah lelaki itu penuh dengan bedak, kelopak matanya pula disolek unggu, dicelak dengan gincu merah menyala pada bibirnya. [img]
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ABOUT THE GAME : Professional thieves on the trail of an ancient relic, the group infiltrates the glittering halls of a corrupt noble’s private chambers in pursuit of their target, narrowly escaping the wrath of the city guards at every turn. Desperate to find an escape, they seek refuge in the city’s seamy slums and brave the sunless pits of the underworld. Out to get them are heavily armed city guards, rival gangs and psychotic families of subterranean cannibals. Abandoned by the system and used by selfish criminals.....
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Clash of Clans 9.105.5 Unlimited Mod/Hack APK!
Clash of Clans Hack Unlimited! No Ban! PvP! Clans Introduced! We bring you the Mod/Hack of Clash of Clans, currently, the most trending game. Tested many times, for stability, this mod is surely going to enhance your level of gaming! Attack other players, and loot their resources. This is a perfect mirror of official server, except that you get everything Unlimited! Server Information Servers Status Clash of Onhax BB8 Online Thunderbolt 2 Offline Clash of Onhax S3 Offline Changelog 15/10/2014 : Servers are giv.....
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Lucky Patcher v6.5.3 Apk is Here!
Lucky Patcher v6.5.3 Apk Lucky Patcher is a great Android tool to remove ads, modify Permissions, bypass premium applications license verification, and more. You can use this patches to break some apps Android Market License Verification or other verification To use this application, you need a rooted device. All credits to Chelpus. NOTE: This app has No Ads Changelog : v6.5.3 Fix bug to “Support patch for InApp emulation” for some apk files; Change package name; Update custom patches; Update translations;.....
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